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Come-from-BeyondToday at 5:17 AM In IoT broadcasting is enough to prove that work has been done and that requires few microseconds That technique goes under "NBPoW" codename now
Come-from-BeyondToday at 5:23 AM [Wouldn't a system like this be vulnerable to interference of non-IoT devices?] jamming is possible
Come-from-BeyondToday at 5:25 AM [where is this magical IoT land] In prototyping phase -
Come-from-BeyondToday at 5:26 AM [That's a LiFi demo, no?] yes [simply a means of sending data already in use today?] yes, but noone offered a complete IoT solution yet
Come-from-BeyondToday at 5:36 AM [So, NBPoW with LiFi, is that like PoW based on keeping the sending party light emitter occupied with sending the data as a form of proof of work?] No [jamming is possible. is that not a big problem?] Yes, and it's not solved yet. Luckily for LiFi it's much easier to see the location of the jammer.
Eric Hop [IF]Today at 3:29 AM Abra is an intermediate language that is as close to assembler as you can get while still enabling translation to wildly different architectures like x86 and fpga I am in the process of writing a document that explains the Qubic Processing Model and describes Abra as part of that. May take a little while because I want it to be coherent and understandable. The concepts involved are alien enough as it is.
Eric Hop [IF]Today at 6:28 AM I'm currently sitting with Paul discussing things and clarifying things and the conclusions we are drawing about the possibilities of Qubic are staggering. @stanley Abra is not exactly a VM. A virtual machine is usually a piece of software that can be compiled to different hardware platforms and then interprets the virtual machine code. Abra uses JIT-compilation to actually generate target machine code, including hardware like CPU, GPU, and FPGA. There is a Supervisor component, but all that one does is instantiating, loading, JIT-compiling (if necessary), and triggering the code. The Supervisor also handles the sending of events between qubics.
Eric Hop [IF]Today at 6:48 AM Mind = blown. Paul just implemented Curl hash function in Abra as a real-world example of Abra code. Took him less than an hour, and most of it was fiddling with the editor to generate the correct tables. We're trying to get a feel for the language at the moment. Can't wait for the compiler to be ready.
Eric Hop [IF]Today at 7:20 AM Abra is badass. Seriously. Paul and I are deep-diving in what it can do. While discussing it all kinds of light bulbs were going off on both sides. You know how when you have a deep discussion and try to explain what you are thinking to someone else you yourself get a deeper understanding? We've had several of these breakthrough moments within the last 24 hours.
Eric Hop [IF]Today at 7:58 AM We're cleaning up some syntax rules in Abra at the moment. Actually using it in real life highlights where we want things to be simpler to do, or more readable. Once we have that we will probably incorporate those changes and post the Abra Curl function here. Just to throw you guys a bone until we have more extensive documentation.
Eric Hop [IF]Today at 8:55 AM @Werner We have no syntax highlighting modules yet if that's what you are hoping for
Eric Hop [IF]Today at 9:09 AM Right now it looks unlike pretty much anything I have ever seen and yet it seems familiar. We're trying to use familiar constructs as much as possible, yet some things are very different, even if they look like something you already know. The code looks familiar in that you see lots of lines of assignments, array-like tables, and function definitions. It looks unfamiliar in that the usual control statements are completely missing. No if-then-else, no loops. And yet it expresses the intent in a very simple and elegant way if you understand how it works.
Eric Hop [IF]Yesterday at 11:28 PM [Will Abra have an IDE?] @Zass Initially no IDE. Use your favorite code editor or dev environment. [@Eric Hop [IF] is it possible to use AOT compilation if you were to write something in Abra and distribute it in native code?] @Rajiv Shah Distributing in native code would limit the use of the qubic to the architecture it was compiled for.
Eric Hop [IF]Today at 5:53 AM These things is literally where our community can shine. Creating syntax-highlighting for Abra in multiple dev environments. I would love an IntelliJ syntax highlighter for Abra for example.
Ralf Rottmann [IF]Yesterday at 4:05 AM There is a modified (experimental) IRI node connected to the coordinator, and this node rejected valid transactions due to some minor issues. Once we understood the root cause, we fixed the code in this version of IRI and everything is back to normal.
Eric Hop [IF]Last Friday at 10:52 AM @Ganreizu Since it is a JIT compiler compilation only needs to be done once when a qubic is instantiated and could be cached for future usage. Abra source code will be translated into intermediate trit code representation called Handy, so any translation phase will only need to load that representation of the code tree (no parsing, syntax checking, etcetera is necessary) and then can directly map that code tree to LLVM or Verilog. So it's the qubic packaging process that does the translation from Abra source code into Handy and that happens only once on the side of the qubic creator. This will allow for all kinds of handy (pun intended) tools in the future. We imagine a decompiler that can turn Handy back into Abra source code for example, or an obfuscator that can obfuscate Handy similar to how Java byte code is obfuscated. We also have ideas (very future ideas) for IDE's that can directly emit Handy, or even Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) that can generate optimal Handy trit code directly for certain applications. @empler All this will be open source code. No patents. @thebruce44 It's a functional programming language. With a few twists. Definitely a paradigm shift. But on the other hand it turns out the code is simple and elegant. It's less problematic to directly code into it than we originally anticipated.
Eric Hop [IF]Today at 2:21 AM [@Eric Hop [IF] hi Eric :nerd: do you know what's happening with exchanges?] Nope. Haven't used exchanges in a while and am too busy with Qubic.
Eric Hop [IF]Today at 3:32 AM After last week I have revised my thoughts about this. Paul and I tried to implement 2 practical applications using Abra. We implemented the old Curl function just for laughs and it was possible and surprisingly easy without excessive bootstrap steps. We then proceeded to implement a key-value store and again it was entirely possible with hardly any bootstrapping, Practical applications will definitely be possible and we will demonstrate that with a cool idea we have for our PoC. Given these encouraging results I revised our chances of having a PoC by end of year from my original personal estimate of 50/50 to 95%. This does not mean Abra has been vetted. The compiler is still under development (80%). And after the compiler is done we will still need to build the Supervisor to be able to run the code as intended. We simply wrote source code that looked as if it should do what we want it to do, just like you can do in any language as a thought experiment without compiling.
Come-from-BeyondYesterday at 4:20 PM [Is there a POS staking reward opportunity in this Economic Clustering? If so, will it have a liquidity function or security function?] no. n/a. but there is opportunity to earn money with Ict
Come-from-BeyondYesterday at 4:23 PM [@Come-from-Beyond iota coin?] iotas
Come-from-BeyondYesterday at 4:31 PM [Any estimate when the next round of testing will start? I have to RPis I could prepare.] I'll know that after meeting with some people
domToday at 1:48 AM [Dom, Is the entire IF on the webpage yet?] no 15 - 18 people are missing
domToday at 1:49 AM [still on holiday?] aye, until the 29th but I'm working ofc
domToday at 1:53 AM [@dom when can we expect an update on the 15 companies that was on sumsum?] @TomTom not sure, it's a bigger project that takes serious effort to setup (several months) [Cfb says "IOTA can be created out of thin air" Is IOTA inflationary?] @drmvb no
domToday at 1:54 AM [Dom. Noticeable improvement in comms recently from the whole team. Much appreech] @Northern🐳😍 agree, there is more room for improvement still
domToday at 1:57 AM [Hey @dom, may I ask about the marketplace update which was said to be given last week? Just curious.] was postponed as we had to hire a new designer for the website (we are adding more pages to explain how the marketplace works etc.)
domToday at 2:04 AM [@dom will iota marketplace be linked to oracles for analysis or is it strictly purchase and keep model?] that will be later
domToday at 2:08 AM [Dom, is IF working with banks at the moment? You mentioned once there are a lot of use cases with IOTA considering PSD2. Is there happing anything behind closed curtains?] @icho yeh of course. We have MOU's with SinoPac and DNB and are working with others
domToday at 2:16 AM [@dom are you feeling the IF is growing to a organisation that is less depended on private individuals?] @TomTom yeh, absolutely
microhashYesterday at 8:38 PM i bought iota a year ago back when most people just barely knew about bitcoin and iota had just been listed on the first major exchange. i held through all the fud while iota matured from a startup to an organized foundation. lots of new partnerships, more exchange listings and now we have ixi hub and a perfectly working wallet. and yet, it's still cheaper than a year ago. if you buy now, think about it like this: you are getting what people bought a year ago back when everything was unclear. and they are getting out at a loss after holding that high risk asset for an entire year. sounds like a fucking opportunity to me.
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Verilog Programs - YouTube Running Verilog in the GUI mode Verilog code for Shift registers Full Adder By Using Verilog coding In Structural Modeling ... Verilog Implementation Of 4 bit Right Shift Register In Single Clock Pulse

i have a verilog code in which there is a line as follows: ... << is a binary shift, shifting 1 to the left 8 places. 4'b0001 << 1 => 4'b0010 >> is a binary right shift adding 0's to the MSB. >>> is a signed shift which maintains the value of the MSB if the left input is signed. 4'sb1011 >> 1 => 0101 4'sb1011 >>> 1 => 1101 Three ways to indicate left operand is signed: module shift; logic [3:0 ... I'm trying to bit shift a value in verilog such that the replaced bits are 1's instead of 0's. i.e. I want to do 0001 << 1 such that it gives 0011 instead of 0010 Verilog-Mode for Emacs with Indentation, Hightlighting and AUTOs. Master repository for pushing to GNU, and emacs-lisp verilog systemverilog verilog-mode Updated Aug 22, 2020; SystemVerilog; SymbiFlow / sv-tests Star 69 Code Issues Pull requests Open Migrate SweRV to use FuseSoC generator 1 piotr-binkowski commented Aug 14, 2020. SweRV still uses a custom generator ... Disclaimer: I do not have Verilog experience myself, but I know about it and what it is for. Background: Verilog is a Hardware Description Language (HDL), which is a language used to describe the structure of integrated circuits. Typically it is ... In computing, a linear-feedback shift register (LFSR) is a shift register whose input bit is a linear function of its previous state.. The most commonly used linear function of single bits is exclusive-or (XOR). Thus, an LFSR is most often a shift register whose input bit is driven by the XOR of some bits of the overall shift register value.

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Verilog Programs - YouTube

Verilog Implementation Of 4bit Right Shift Register In Single Clock Pulse. Shift Register in FPGA - VHDL and Verilog Examples - Duration: 8:00. nandland 8,597 views. 8:00. PIPO Shift Register - Lecture - Duration: 2:44. Alwyn Rajiv SAR Learning Center 9,018 views. 2:44 ... Verilog "Hello world!" with TKGate and Icarus Verilog - Duration: 1:19. ... Lesson 72 - Example 45: Shift Register - Duration: 3:38. LBEbooks 18,731 views. 3:38. install & run iverilog on windows ... Test Bench of Shift Register In Verilog by VHDL Language. 2:16. Design and Implementation Of Shift Register In Verilog Language by VHDL Language. 6:26. Verilog Code For SR Flip Flip and Simulation ... Full Adder By Using Verilog coding In Structural Modeling by manohar mohanta