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SmartCash is an easy to use, fast, and secure cryptocurrency that can support everyday use such as business payments and daily transactions. SmartCash has a unique decentralized governance system and innovative technologies such as SmartCard and the Point of Sale App. SmartCash is pushing the limits of blockchain technology with tools that support entrepreneurship and innovation.

How to predict the next ten year?

I have been doing research on the future in recent year. If I started this activity in 2010, I should be able to accurately predict some future in 2020, including the development of neural networks, the increasing importance of Bitcoin, graphics cards, and the mobile Internet(especially The rise of ios), mobile game. These predictions are not difficult to make even around 2010, but I can get great money from these forecasts, so these forecasts are very useful.
But going back to 2020, because I missed these things in last ten year, I didn’t get much financial gain from these things at all, so I need to predict what will happen in the next 10 years now. And I must make some profit predictions.
  1. UBI will appear in the next 10 years. Although human slavery will not disappear, it will greatly change the economic situation. I think UBI will greatly increase the sales of iphone, because if someone has spare money to upgrade high-end mobile phones, Iphone should be the first choice. Of course, UBI will generate a lot of stock opportunities, and I need to find these opportunities to gain money.
  2. Artificial food will greatly change agriculture, but I haven't found a way to benefit other than buying bynd stock.
  3. Space travel can become a popular luxury entertainment, and spce will be a good thing.
  4. Gpt3 will become a method of advertising, and it will change the way humans organize and search data, so the nvda graphics card required for gpt3 running is also an opportunity. Note-taking software such as Evernote needs to be upgraded to a form suitable for gpt3 as soon as possible.
  5. There will be a fighting game specially designed for AI to play, and humans will watch the game as spectators. In conclusion, these games will be designed for only the good look use AI control instead human control.
  6. The education industry, especially language translation, will die out.
The above prediction is made under the premise that AGI won't be happen in the next 5 years. If AGI is considered, I think the following things will happen.
  1. The start of the new Cold War will lead to a global AI competition. AGI will be summon in such an environment. We need to start the new Cold War as soon as possible in order to carry out the AI ​​competition.
In 2020, I just made a wrong decision about work from work, I had watch ZM stock one year, ZM has rise 8 times and I didn't benfit from ZM this year, it is a horrible thing to me as an futurist.
So currently I want to find out some predictions that can make money in next 10 years, I think it is possible, although it is harder than 2010, but I will continue predcit future and never stop.
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Possible solution to interchange power

At first, the whole power thing for interchange seemed like a great idea, and it was at the start, it was very fun and everyone was turning on the power. However, now that everyone and their mom has an ultra medical key, no one wants to turn on the power, and now it's just a feature that everyone refuses to use because why would you turn it on when you can try and out-wait someone in turning on the power. This is a problem.
If you turn on the power:
You might as well extract from the raid at that point because the best loot (majority of the time) is looted by people that spawned close to the medical room unless you're there for quests or killa or some other reason.
If you don't turn on the power:
You will have to wait out whoever is already at medical camping it and hope that someone else caves in and turns it on, but oh wait, every PMC on the map usually wants the power to be on, so player scavs ( and people who want to camp ) can camp the power switch in obnoxious locations.
What was the point of adding this mechanic if you essentially shaft yourself by turning it on. I think personally that adding a room , or something similar close to the power station that would be unlocked automatically by the power just being on would add incentive to turn on the power. This room could contain loose valuables, i.e bitcoin, graphics cards, whatever.
If this room wouldn't require a key and would only require power to be on, then it would make sense to turn on the power, because you'd get some loose valuable loot for turning it on and player scavs / players without ultra med key would have a reason to turn it on. This way this feature would actually get some use as opposed to needing a full team to come with you to open a room.
I just think it's a waste of a feature with how it is implemented now, the lights are great but could use some work, however that is not the point of the post. Feel free to critique any areas because i am sure that this has some flaws to it that i am not seeing.
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Spend gp on graphics cards for bitcoin miner?

Would it be worth it to spend the 2 mil to get my miner up and running??
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If i put a graphics card into the bitcoin farm will it remain found in raid?

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Just got bitcoin farm, does it consume the graphics cards?

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traded with a duo after getting a graphics card from cpu on reserve. feels bad but ggs to them. at least i can use it for bitcoin mining

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Needed 3 graphics cards to finish bitcoin farm before wipe, reserve delivers

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Question regarding bitcoin farm and graphics cards

Do they lose their FIR status when you pull them out of the bitcoin farm? Silly question I know but I want to be sure.
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ELI5: why do you need graphic cards to do complex mathematical equations like the ones used in mining bitcoins.

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Recommended route for a small mining rig with just a graphics card? (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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Sell Graphics Cards or Put them into Bitcoin Farm

Overall is it better to sell the graphics cards I craft in the hideout for quick cash? Or put them into the bitcoin farm to help produce faster bitcoins? Not sure which way would be better
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The video game, Escape from tarkov allows you to build a btc farm when you get enough graphics cards and other parts. The value of Bitcoin in game is roughly tied to the value of btc irl. You can trade for cash or items with other players. Really cool new game mechanic.

The video game, Escape from tarkov allows you to build a btc farm when you get enough graphics cards and other parts. The value of Bitcoin in game is roughly tied to the value of btc irl. You can trade for cash or items with other players. Really cool new game mechanic. submitted by ogstepdad to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

If bitcoin is mined by computations then why do they use graphics cards rather than cpus?

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Do graphics cards lose FIR status when put inside the bitcoin farm?

I've been having a rough go getting a graphics card and I finally got one and even extracted with it. I still need to submit the 3 graphics cards to Mechanic and I was wondering if the graphics card will lose its FIR status if put into the bitcoin farm?
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Graphics Card put into bitcoin farming will loose fir status?

Question above :)
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Why did bitcoin farmers mass hoard gpus/graphics cards for their farming?

I remember a while back redditors were lamenting over the fact that high end graphics cards were becoming incredibly expensive due to the rise of bitcoin farming, but I never understood why? Is bitcoin farming graphically intensive some how? Obviously I don't know much about it. I was just really curious about the gpu situation.
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If you use graphics card in your Bitcoin farm will it keep FiR status?

Wondering if I can then turn it in to mechanic.
Edit: alright, thanks all!
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Is it worth to try and get as many graphic cards as possible in your bitcoin farm , or should i just keep it at 1?

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Bitcoin farm - Calculating the cost to recoup each graphics card investment

I created a simple spreadsheet that shows the amount of time required to recoup your investment from adding an additional graphics card to the bitcoin farm: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g0XP3jg2S3z2fjI7yIeboTwNecLO_4uZ/view?usp=sharing
Some assumptions, highlights, and thoughts:

0.05 + (GC - 1) / 49 * 0.15 
Conclusion: Assuming no wipe coming in the next several weeks, and not factoring in the opportunity cost of how else you could use these funds (better gear could win more raids, winning you more profit, investing elsewhere in the flea market, etc) you should invest in your bitcoin farm!
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Is adding graphics cards to your bitcoin farm worth it?

I was inspired by this guy's post, which analyzes if you should build a bitcoin farm at all, to do some math of my own.
His post is a few months old and prices are a lot different, but I was also asking a different question than him. I already have my bitcoin farm...
So the question I was asking myself is "does it make sense to add more graphics cards to my farm?" and "Is there a 'best number' of cards?".
According to the wiki page, the formula for bitcoin generation is:
0.05 + (GC - 1) / 49 * 0.15
This isn't a linear equation, but it does give a linear answer to my question. After a bunch of mathing in Google Sheets, I've come to the conclusion that each graphics card actually provides the same amount of INCREASED profit, no matter how many you have in your farm (after the first of course).
Based on a BTC cost of 154,000R, each graphics card you add will provide an additional 471R of profit, per hour (11.3k per day). At a cost of 300,000R per graphics card, that's a little over 26 days for it to pay for itself. This is assuming you are running your farm full time, of course. Because the profits are the same, per card, it doesn't matter how many you add, or when you add them, after 26 days each new card added will have paid for itself.
Note: While there is color coding for farm levels, that doesn't matter either unless you are considering upgrading specifically to add more cards. Then I guess you should consider the cost of the upgrade, the fact that it takes 26 days to make a profit adding a new card, and then decide if it's worth it. You could use the magic number of 471h (11.3k/day) per card to determine if the upgrade is worth it or not. If you upgrade to add 15 more cards, you'd be making an extra ~169,000R per day... so depending on the cost of the upgrade, it would probably get paid of pretty quickly.
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what happens if i put more graphic cards in my bitcoin farm?

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Is Bitcoin and crypto mining still profitable in 2020? Big comparison of mining area that makes $70k/day vs kids that mine at home on graphic cards.

I must say I was impressed when I counted those numbers , didn’t expect the results. Watch video here: https://youtu.be/7Jqs9dC2JdI
What’s your opinion on the video ? Are those results right ?
click here to watch full video
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How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin With 6X 1080 Ti ... Bitcoin Graphics Card Shortage HOW TO MINING BITCOIN  BITCOIN MINING WITH GRAPHICS CARD BITCOIN MINING TUTORIAL BANGLA How much can you make with 3 graphics cards mining? Questionable Sources, Bitcoin Graphics Cards and Burger King

Looking for the best mining GPU for Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies? We list our top picks of the best graphics cards for mining across all budgets. Which graphics card is best for Bitcoin mining? Nowadays professional Bitcoin miners do not use graphics cards as they are not as efficient. People have made the switch towards ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), which are specifically designed for bitcoin mining. But the best GPU for mining would be the NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070. It offers a better hash rate and does not consume much ... A single Graphics Card will produce one Bitcoin every 20 hours, but this time can be reduced with additional GPUs. A level 1 Bitcoin Farm can hold 10 Graphics Cards, and if fully stocked will produce a Bitcoin around once every 12 hours and 50 minutes. A level 2 Farm can hold 25 GPUs total, and a Level 3 can hold a total of 50. But there are diminishing returns on the benefit of using more ... Find 100+ ‘graphics card’ products that you can buy with Bitcoin, including items from Scan Computers, Newegg, Overstock.com, and 2 other retailers – at Spendabit, the search engine for things you can buy with Bitcoin. The new card is also engineered to be seriously durable, enabling 24/7 operation for uninterrupted coin production. With GPU Tweak II also included for easy clock-speed and voltage tuning, ASUS Mining P106 provides the vital hardware and software tools cryptocurrency miners need to succeed in their quest to make a profit — making the new cards a great choice for building mining systems with ...

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How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin With 6X 1080 Ti ...

How to optimize your Graphics Card for Bitcoin or Ethereum Mining (Best GPU Settings NiceHash tutorial) https://whattomine.com/ http://www.zcashbenchmarks.in... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next How to Buy Cryptocurrency for Beginners (UPDATED Ultimate Guide) - Duration: 33:53. Link to website with program download: https://minergate.com/a/26081173111db5c10cd7fa1f Trade Crypto: https://hitbtc.com/?ref_id=5a67efbb8dd92 Link to AMD GP... Questionable Sources, Bitcoin Graphics Cards and Burger King MadBitcoins. Loading... Unsubscribe from MadBitcoins? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 7.92K. Loading ... If you want to exchange your bitcoins for other crypto: (Ethereum, XRB, Litecoin) this is a handy exchange: https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=256xv I have a video ...