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Music Discussion Thread - 11/3 *back from the dead edition*

What up guys, as some of you might have noticed there was no music thread last Friday. Hand up, I was battling a BRUTAL halloween party hangover at work and just couldn't get it done. But we're back at full strength this week so let's get in to it. Edit: shoutout to the mods for pinning this!
DJ Premier feat A$AP Ferg - "Our Streets"
-Old school meets new school. Classic boom bap beat from premier and Ferg flows almost effortlessly over the beat. A$AP Ferg's stock rising faster than bitcoin.
CyHi the Prynce feat. Kanye West - "Dat Side"
-Holy shit we got a normal guest verse from Kanye! His verse is reminiscent of Late Registration/Graduation. New album coming from Cyhi, which I'm looking forward to because I feel like he kind of fell behind the rest of GOOD music, especially once big sean took off.
Chris Stapleton - "Scarecrow In The Garden
-THIS is what country music should sound like. I'm not even a huge country guy in the slightest but Chris Stapleton just has that old-school, rugged country sound. Really excited for the full album, due out December 1st.
N.E.R.D feat Rihanna - "Lemon"
-First track out of N.E.R.D after a long ass hiatus, and new album now rumored but no official release date. If this song is any preview, we should be excited. On top of that, Rihanna flows on this song caught me off guard at how good it was. Need a full album of that Rihanna flow, fuck singing.
Album from The Used, The Canyon
-Haven't thought about The Used since middle school like 10 years ago but here we are with a new album. First thoughts are that this album feels much different than anything else they've put out. Much less angsty, screaming post-hardcore but a more emotional, introspective sound. I'm liking the album as a whole after first listen, but it does run a little long with 17 tracks. "Over and Over" is their best single in a LONG time, but other recommendations are "Moving The Mountain" and "Broken Windows". Side note, the name Bert McCracken would be such a ridiculous name if he weren't the lead singer of a band.
Statik Selektah feat. Run The Jewels - "Put Jewels On It"
-Statik Selektah is possibly the most underrated producer in hip-hop right now. Such a good single right here off Statik's upcoming album, and El-p and Killer Mike don't play around on this one. Song makes me want to go ape shit sitting at my desk. If you're not familiar with Statik Selektah's production, check out "82 92" feat Mac Miller, "Carry On feat. Joey Badass and Freddie Gibbs, and "White Silk" feat. Action Bronson
Lil Uzi Vert feat. Nicki Minaj - "The Way Life Goes" remix
-Probably the best song off *Luv Is Rage 2" gets the remix treatment with a verse from Nicki. More or less a typical Nicki verse but this song is so damn catchy I had to include it.
Album from Anti-Flag, American Fail
-10th studio album from the punk rock legends. Obviously a pretty politically charged album given the album title, but they don't actually mention Trump anywhere. One of the Anti-Flag members actually said in an interview "Trump is a symptom, he’s not the disease. It’s far more about us collectively combating the disease than the symptoms" which is pretty damn accurate. Regardless, I think long time Anti-Flag fans will enjoy this album. Highlights for me are "Racists", "The Criminals" and the ska influenced "When The Wall Falls".
Album from 21 Savage/Metro Boomin/Offset, Without Warning
-Obviously big news of the week with this album essentially coming from out of nowhere. I don't know if it's Metro Boomin producing amazing beats, or if mumble rap is just growing on me, but I legitimately enjoyed some of the songs off this album. "Ric Flair Drip" is a certified banger. Some tracks, mainly the 21 savage ones, feel like they drag on a little bit and are a little boring to me. "Darth Vader" and "Rap Saved Me" are other recommendations for me.
EP from Skepta, Vicious
-GRIME BOYS MATE! Didn't love most of the EP actually just because I'm not a huge grime fan, but "Ghost Ride" feat A$AP Rocky and Nast is a great song worth checking out.
Mick Jenkins - "Vampire In Brooklyn"
-I feel like the biggest Mick Jenkins dick rider ever but he's legitimately in my opinion a top 10 rapper out right now. New full length album coming very soon. Anyone whos unfamiliar, check out "P's and Q's and "Slumber" to get you started.
Album from Maroon 5, Red Pill Blues
-Big pop release of the week, felt obligated to include it. "What Lovers Do" feat SZA and "Whiskey" feat. A$AP Rocky are standouts for me.
Liam Gallagher - spotify sessions
-Just a couple acoustic performances from England's finest. That song "Wonderwall" is great, but you guys have probably never heard of it.
-Seeing The Used drop a new album sent me down a rabbit hole of post-hardcore shit I listened to way back in the day in middle school/early high school. Got a couple nice throwbacks for you guys below. Yes, I'm aware some of these bands seem super corny now but 10 years ago they were hot in the streets.
Senses Fail - "Irony of Dying on Your Birthday"
A Skylit Drive - "Wires And The Concept Of Breathing"
Chiodos - "All Nereids Beware"
Underoath - "Reinventing Your Exit"
-Octagon Bob posted that blog about the rock n roll supergroup, and I thought it was a great question just becuase there are so many combinations and none of them are wrong or right. I decided to write my own post about it which you can check out here if you're interested. My lineup I decided to go with was:
-Vocals: Stevie Nicks
-Guitar: Carlos Santana
-Bass: Les Claypool
-Drums: Questlove
I love this lineup, but would love to hear everyone else's if you came up with one.
Anyway I'm hitting up a couple shows this weekend/next week so hopefully going to be able to write up a review on the blog. Let me know what you guys are listening to in the comments!
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Markets and Price-Setting: Thoughts on information, created goods and services, fixed-supply commodities, financial instruments, and other market values behave

I've been reflecting on Paul Mason's Postcapitalism, particularly as concerns what he identifies as a hum-dinger of information goods: Information goods destroy the price formation mechanism based on scarcity.
That's one of a few cases in which markets as price-setting mechanisms fail, or are subject to very high degrees of ambiguity.
Four particular instances come to mind:
Each poses specific failures to usefully set a market price that corresponds to the true costs of production.
What I'm posing here is more an exploration of aspects I've found, and still find, contradictory. I'm not claiming to have final answers, though I'm starting to land a few good leads.

On "natural prices"

While much lay discussion of economics holds that the market price is the fair price for a good or service, the question of what a "natural" or "fair" price has occupied a great deal of economic thought and discussion since the time of the Greeks. Adam Smith in Wealth of Nations proposed a definition which remains close to what's commonly accepted today -- a total cost of inputs, plus normal profits:
When the price of any commodity is neither more nor less than what is sufficient to pay the rent of the land, the wages of the labour, and the profits of the stock employed in raising, preparing, and bringing it to market, according to their natural rates, the commodity is then sold for what may be called its natural price.
The cases I'm considering here all violate this in one way or another. This is troubling as they're increasingly key to economic activity.

Information Goods

Information wants to be free.
-- John Perry Barlow
In an efficient market, quality information is consistently undervalued.
In this case: fixed costs of production are high, but marginal costs of production are low. It takes a lot of time and research to create a quality book, a piece of music, software, news reporting, pharmaceutical, chemical process, etc., but once developed the costs of manufacture are far, far less, effectively zero in many cases.
That's one fundamental contradiction of the "knowledge economy".
There's the further problem of Gresham's law as applied to information: cheap, low-quality information tends to drive out high-value, but expensive-to-produce information. Ask anyone in the news, broadcast, or publishing industries.

Extant Goods

There are good cars and bad cars (which in America are known as "lemons").
-- George Akerloff, "The Market for Lemons"
This is the second-hand market -- goods which are re-sold by an initial buyer, after initial purchase. Flea markets, swaps, Craigslist, consignment stores. And antique shops and auctions.
The fundamental characteristic of each of these is that the good already exists. There is no production function. Price, instead, is effectively a motivator -- what does it take to convince the holder of a good to part with it?
There's a Spanish folk saying I've only recently learned, its English translation "Buy from desperate people, and sell to newlyweds." In both cases, the supply and demand curves are shifted to the advantage of the middleman buying in the first instance and selling in the second.
In some cases, there's an alternative to buying used: you can buy a new item or make one yourself. For many utilitarian goods (clothing, furniture, children's toys, used books or records), the second-hand market offers considerable savings over new or self-made.
Keepsakes and mementos have highly asymmetric valuations: the holder usually ascribes a high sentimental value, while others may view the item as little more than clutter or "old junk". In this case it's typically unlikely for the piece to be sold -- the holder's valuation is higher than any potential buyer's, unless the former is desperate.
Antiquities or fine arts, as opposed to personal mementos and keepsakes with high sentimental value pose a different situation: if it is the specific item in question and not a functionally equivalent replacement that is sought, then there is no ascribable production cost. You cannot make a "new" original Rembrandt, or Picasso, or Ming Dynasty vase, or piece of ancient Egyptian art. Price of such goods is entirely dependent on the demand for such products. It calls into question the entire concept of what a "natural price" of such a good is.
This case is actually the genesis for this essay -- the example I had in mind was of a Stradivarius violin -- there are about 650 left in the world, largely manufactured between 1680 and 1700, and present market values range from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.
This despite notable failures for blind listening tests to distinguish or prefer Strads over other instruments. While modern mass-produced violins can be had for as little as £80 new, more expensive hand-crafted instruments comparable in tonal quality to a Strad fetch about £15,000. That's still a considerable discount on the Strad -- by a factor of 200.
The embodied labor?
It takes around 120 hours to make a violin, 150 hours for a viola and 300 hours for a cello.
That's an all-in £125/hr cost of labor, assuming labor is the principle input.
Similarly, nearly indistinguishable art forgeries are fairly common, there's the case of "Jefferson's Bottles", literally an instance of new wine in old bottles. Or forgeries of antiques, antiquities, and the like.
In all cases, the immediate quality of the forgeries is quite difficult to tell, though dating of materials by radioisotopic means usually manages to distinguish them. What's changed is the perception. What marketers call "selling the story".
Or, quite bluntly: changing the demand curve for a product.
Extant products fall into two general categories:
And finally, extant goods have the "lemon" problem, and in fact, in the form of the used-car market, are the basis for George Akerloff's "The Market for Lemons" paper noted in the epigraph for this section.
In the case of established goods (e.g., antiquities and fine arts), the asymmetry detailed by Akerloff tends to be minimized. In the case of certain complex goods: automobiles and electronics certainly come to mind, concerns on the part of the buyer over the serviceability of the good in question tends to 1) keep prices depressed and 2) limit the number of quality items actually offered to market -- the seller knows that it will be unlikely to recapture the true value of a quality item.

Financial/Investment Assets

Because that's where the money is.
-- Willie Sutton, on why he robbed banks.
Here, you've almost the inverse situation of information goods: marginal cost of production is exceptionally high - - there's either a workfactor cost, or simply a finite supply (for numerous reasons, to be explored more). Will Rogers on land: they're not making it anymore. The asset value of precious metals is that their supply is (theoretically) constrained by the high costs of mining. Bitcoin is similar.
But the intrinsic utility of the good is close to nil. A dollar bill has little intrinsic value, or, if you prefer, a $100 dollar bill. It's a piece of paper, ink, and anti-copyright features. The production cost is a factor of regulatory limits on production. Gold and silver have some utility, but this is generally less than is reflected in its exchange value. Diamonds are a case of induced scarcity, though with a few other twists which tends to inflate the retail value while affording virtually no resale value.
The added value by virtue of being money is referred to as seigniorage:
the difference between the value of money and the cost to produce and distribute it.
What's key is the "story": not all rare things are valuable, but all valuable things are rare. The key to creating a market for a given asset class is to convince people that other people are convinced of the value. It's a bit of a circular definition.
Some assets have value ascribed to them. I've previously discussed what gives money value, in particular the United States Dollar. There are five key aspects:
Several of these elements are recognized as well by Modern Monetary Theory which I'm coming to like.

Real Estate

Buy land. They ain't making any more of the stuff.
-- Will Rogers
Other asset classes are real, in the sense that they're tangible, with real estate being a classic example. In Smith's time, the value of land was largely based on the produce one could derive from it: crops, lumber, cattle, fish. Perhaps wind or water power. In urban economics one learns that the value of housing (whether rented or sold) is based on the earning potential and travel time associated with it -- generally housing costs fall as one moves further from an urban center.
But a secondary factor of housing is as an investment, though as many critics has pointed out, the long-term performance isn't particularly good, the carrying costs are high, the asset can be highly illiquid (especially when it's carrying a mortgage valued more highly than the property itself). In some areas title may be difficult to establish -- Hernando de Soto and Niall Ferguson discuss this in their respective books The Mystery of Capital and The Ascent of Money in the context of South America, and the resulting difficulties and alternative conventions.
One interesting conclusion is that surplus profits of labor (or of business) tend to be subsumed by increasing housing (or office / store-space) costs.

Extractive Goods

These are also consistently undervalued.
Any resource that's being extracted or consumed at rates greater than its replenishment is effectively an extractive good. The typical examples are minerals and mining, and fossil fuels, but this can include other and nominally renewable resources: topsoil, freshwater, groundwater, rhinoceros horn, timber, topsoil, fisheries....
The market price is set by the access price: how much effort it takes to extract the resource, but not a depletion allowance for the fact that the removed unit(s) will not be restored. The latter is a suggestion of many authors, including Herman Daly.
It's interesting to note cases of societies which were formerly based on extractive technologies which have run through the entire resource and have lost their former wealth. A classic instance is the island nation of Nauru, briefly the wealthiest nation on a per-capita income basis during the 1980s due to deposits of phosphate rock -- bird guano -- valuable as fertilizer. Its 9,000 inhabitants on 21 km2 now rely on revenues for running a detention center for the Australian government. It's also served as a tax haven and offered passports to foreign nationals.
The export land model of Jeffrey Brown describes the dynamics of oil exporting nations as domestic consumption rises to exceed total extraction capacity. Some analysis of the Arab Spring revolves around falling oil extraction in Egypt, Syria, and Libya as contributory causes, though a prolonged drought in Syria has also been mentioned.
Cataloging a list of other nations formerly based on exported natural resource wealth could prove illuminating.

Overconsumption of Luxury Goods

As a counterpoint, there are products obtained unsustainably for which the market price is high (though possibly still undervalued). Rhinoceros horn would be an example, whale meat, and tropical hardwoods others. Often within what's a globally small market -- rhino horn is largely valued in south-east Asia and China, whale meat in Japan -- there's a significant social signaling status (Veblen good) for the product. Paradoxically, price is itself a signifier of signaling value, and total quantity demanded, while in excess of replenishment factor, is such that increasing the cost of the good doesn't reduce overall demand (or at least not sufficiently to avoid exhaustion or extinction of the source).
Arguably the price is still too low (there should be an extinction/exhaustion premium), but even with increasing prices due to scarcity, the market response is not rational. Moreover, the value ascribed these goods isn't intrinsic to their practical application but to social signalling status. That is: a cheaper replacement would be inferior simply on the basis that it's cheaper, and hence, a weaker signal.

Information vs. Assets

The most striking aspect of Mason's Postcapitalism lecture is his juxtaposition of information goods, in which scarcity drives prices to zero, and of financial assets, in which an ascribed value increases the worth of an asset above its intrinsic value.
But more critically:
The key contradiction in modern capitalism is in this emerging contradiction between free socially produced abundant [information] goods, and a system of monopolies, banks, and governments who are forced, in order to survive, to behave desperately to maintain this information asymmetry.
That is: Facebook or other service providers retaining proprietary control, and often, secrecy, over their APIs. There's an intrinsic fight between the network, information goods, and the hierarchy, proprietary and material goods.
I further see the need for the financial system to see ever further growth, and interest payments, which a largely information-based economy is unlikely to provide.

In summary ...

I don't want to title this section "conclusions" because, generally, I'm far from them. I do hope this proves useful (and not too personally embarrassing to me) for further discussion / exploration on where and how value is ascribed and attributed.
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[Table] IAmA: I started a Hot Sauce company with some help from reddit and will hopefully soon selling in stores across the nation. AMA!

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Date: 2014-06-02
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Questions Answers
My roommates and I were among those who got an entire bottle sample way back when. It's pretty much gone now... So where can I get more? We all love it. I am almost out of my last stock. After that I am not going to get more until my kickstarter is over. The best place right now is to preorder at FYMKICKSTARTER.COM
Just backed you! I love hot sauce, and I love trying new ones! Congrats on the success so far! Thanks a bunch! I can't wait for you to try it!
Hey got your sample in the mail, and loved it. My friends and I were joking "What if its just a little ketchup packet?!". I love FYM Hot Sauce, and I see you going far! What is your favorite food to add your sauce to? Where are some of your favorite spots in PDX. I love adding my hot sauce to burritos. I love putting it on breakfast food as well.
Any chance you'll be at Saturday Market shopping for produce or with your own FYM kiosk? No plans quite yet. I won't have a bunch of extra sauce for at least a month.
What's FYM stand for? First person to ask this. I thought it was going to come up right away.
My first thought was "fuck your mouth" as in... it's so spicy (or so flavorful) that it's going to fuck your mouth. That is a great guess. I tell people Fry Your Mouth and keep it a little more PC.
Fire. Yum. More. Sounds good to me! Happy Cake Day!
Start by building your factory in a industrial area with no neighbors. Yeah, I know that lesson already. I just need to get enough money to build a factory!
Is it a ling spicy feeling sauce or just a nice hot burst then the nice flavor? I don't think it lingers too long, unless you eat a lot of it.
I just got the idea of taking your sauce on Shark Tank once you make enough sales, to try to get it in more stores, or even to just use it as a commercial to sell more. Now, if you were in front of the Sharks, what would your pitch be? Would you believe me if I told you I downloaded the shark tank application today?
Absolutely not. You're nothing but a liar, and I will cancel my order on Kickstarter. I am telling the truth I swear it!
I've heard bad things about TV shows like this taking unfair advantage. Better research that contract before you sign up. Seems like you don't even need them. They used to take a percentage for appearing. Now they do not. The only risk is looking stupid now.
On an unrelated topic, what is your favourite thing to put your hot sauce on? Healthy food that tastes bad and boring. All of the sudden it is not as bad or boring!
Once you decided that you wanted to sell your hot sauce... how much money did it cost to start the business? Talking about licenses, etc. Not cost of ingredients, marketing, etc. If money was not an issue how long does it take to start selling? There are thousands in fees and licenses that you have to get. It is crazy. I originally thought when I started in November I would be able to start selling before Christmas. I am just now getting to the point where I can start selling legitimately.
Now that your legitimate: how much does it cost to sell additional products. Lets say, frozen chicken wings. Is it considerably less than the startup costs? Frozen chicken wings are a completely different product. I am okay to do acidified stored foods at the moment. I would need a lot more education on chicken, and every product I make has to be approved by state and federal government.
Is hot sauce going to be it? Or are you going to branch into other realms of saucery...BBQ, Ranch, special, etc? I would love to branch out into a bunch of other stuff. I have plans for Mayonnaise first, then we will see what happens after that.
Do you think your company will expand into a bunch of restaurants? I hope so, I am trying to do that all the time.
1.) When you posted to reddit offering the samples did you expect the response you got? (Probably been answered, but I went through your comments and couldn't find anything) 2.) What are your plans for expanding in the future? Renting out space, hiring employes, that kind of thing? 1.) I did not expect the crazy number of sample requests. I thought at most I would get 400 or so, and that is what I budgeted for. I woke up and there were 2,000 and the number was climbing so I had to cut it off at that point.
3.) From your website it only shows one type of hot sauce, will you stray away from the original recipe, maybe even away from just hot sauce? 2.) I have someone that will make my sauce for me. I am going to have to hire people to help me when I have to mail out everything for kickstarter. After that we will see if it keeps going at the current rate. I am in talks with stores all over the place and if I can get shipments to retailers I am going to have to hire someone indeed.
3.) I have other sauces in development. I really like my original, but I have a bunch of requests for other varieties. They might be online only for a while, I am really trying to market the original to stores right now.
How do you get in touch with stores? I sell bath products to some small shops but couldn't figure out how to get my product in retailers. Phone calls, ask to talk to store manager, ask him who to contact next. There is probably a better way but I am still new to this.
As someone who can be brought to tears by the upper level wings at Buffulo Wild Wings, how are you capable of tasting such spicy sauce on a daily basis? Is it just a built up tolerance? You do build up tolerance over time. When I do tastings I have lots of milk and ritz crackers by my side. I still can only do so much before I need a break.
I have no idea why so many people want me to make an extra spicy version. Apparently there are people out there who have a stronger tongue than I do.
Besides for fresh ingredients, what are you trying to do to make your hot sauce unique? Right now I have a caricature of my friend and long term supporter on the label that says "Bear Approved"
I'm thinking of something like Jones Soda, they feature user submitted pictures on their bottles, and little sayings in their bottle caps; have you thought of doing something like that? Maybe you could put a little reddit alien (Snoo?) under the bottle cap? I am going to have another user that wants his face on the bottles kind of like Jones. He is going to have to send me a picture.
I'll send you a picture of my cat if you want. He's a cutie. I will always accept cat pics.
I have a hilarious picture of Justin with a mullet that should be on a bottle if you do that. I feel like we should know each other.
Will you be able to fill all of the orders using produce from your personal garden? What will you do when peppers aren't in season? I use local farms to source my peppers now. I can't do everything from my personal garden. I do have my own personal supply that I make from my garden, and I auctioned off a couple of those bottles for my kickstarter.
Besides your own of course, what is your favorite hot sauce? I am actually really new to the world of hot sauce. I used to use Cholula occasionally, now I try every type of sauce I can get my hands on.
Where did you first start producing your hot sauce on a large enough scale to sell? I ask because I have a recipe for chilli that I have no doubt that people would love. Its better than any chilli I've ever tried. I would like to start selling it but don't really know which route to take. I found a commercial Kitchen to rent out and produce larger quantities. Before I did that though I took classes on food storage and preparation processes so I could make sure my food would be safe to sell without going bad. You should look into acidified food process schooling in your area and see if your chili meets the criteria.
I just ordered the 10 oz bottle from the Kickstarter. I don't want it to be shipped out to the billing address I have associated to Amazon. Will you be sending out a survey for us to put our shipping address in? If not, can I send you a message on Kickstarter and give you the proper address? Thanks! Thanks for the support. At the end of the Kickstarter your will get a survey with your shipping address. I get lots of questions about that, I feel like kickstarter should write that in somewhere along the process.
I am excited to get some sauce from you after your kickstarter ends. I was wondering, do you plan on selling your sauce anywhere locally in PDX? It would be awesome to pick it up in the store instead of purchasing online. That is the hope. I will probably post in /Portland when I get into stores so people know where to buy.
Lame question but could you tell me how many carbs are in a serving? 0-1g, pretty sure it is relatively free of carbs.
I used to work at a restaurant who took our city's hot wing competition very seriously. One of the side competitions was most creative. Our sous chef won that with a strawberry rhubarb hot sauce using red jalapenos. Mild and amazingly tasty on wings. It was that type of burn that was so gentile you almost didn't want it to go away. I guess the question here would be along the lines of what are some "different" ingredients that you have, or have thought about putting in your sauces? I have been thinking of what fruits would be good in a hot sauce. I would like to make a sweet one at some point. I might try and go with a tropical theme, I really like passion fruit and guava.
Have you got any specifics on hand about your hot sauce? Scoville rating, for example? ((I know it doesn't matter much in the end - I've got a 500k sauce that pales next to a 50k. I'm just curious)) As an aspiring hot sauce maker myself, I wish you the best of luck! Can't wait for the opportunity to buy some of your stuff. What parts of the country can expect to see it soonest? I have not tested scoville units yet. I need to do that one day. I think it is going to be expensive so I have held off on getting a chromatography test.
Perfectly understandable. Are there any established brands you might compare the heat against? It is hotter than sriracha/tobasco/cholula. Hotter than most everything I have tried that has flavor and isn't just heat for heats sake.
How much does the spiciness test cost? Ballpark it? More than $5 less than $10,000. I found a list of 3 labs that do it across the nation, that is as far as I have gotten.
Don't fall into the hubris of saying "heat for heats sake" for everything above what you've gotten hooked on. Tabasco is "vinegar for vinegars sake" to some people. Oh yeah, my sister wont even touch the hot sauce. She says it makes her tongue numb. I know what I have is hot, and it is too hot for some people. I think a lot of the world that eats sriracha which is one of the most popular sauces can handle it though.
How much encouraging did it take for you to decide "I can do something with this hot sauce!"? Was it something you had to be pushed to do or were you confident in yourself from the start? Congratulations on the awesome kickstarter! I donated and cannot wait for July to try my sauce! I just responded to your other comment and it wouldn't let me post it lol. Once my friends that love hot sauces kept bugging me for more I figured I had a good thing. Once I gave out samples to /portland the first time I got a lot of confidence.
I wanted to start out as a small hobby. I always ran out before my next harvest and wanted a reason to make more throughout the year. I figured if I sold like 10 bottles a month from a website that would be enough. What pushed me into trying to sell more and more was my break even point. At first it was a business license and I needed 50 bottles sold to break even. Then it was testing and I needed 100 bottles sold, then 600 bottles, then 1,000 bottles. Once it got to that point I figured I had to go big or go home, and decided to go for it since I gained some confidence.
Hey there, I couldn't find any nutritional information about you hot sauce. Is it low-carb? No carbs, a little salt. I am getting it formally tested now, it was expensive and you don't have to do it until you sell 50k. I have passed that mark now so it is getting done.
Is there a way to obtain this stuff in Portland? I'd rather not wait for it in the mail if I can just find it stocked locally around here. Any food carts stocking it? It is stocked locally at my office and house. Past that not so much yet. I am trying to get it into stores though so have no fear, it will be soon.
Out of the big brands of hot sauce, which is your favorite? I would have to go with Marie Sharps I guess. I just bought a bottle from amazon to try it since I heard good things. I really never had a bunch of hot sauces before I started making my own.
Ive tried to make hot sauce several times but can never get the consistency right. Mine is usually way too watery. If i try to cook it down it turns to goop. any pointers? if it makes any difference, i have habanero, bhut jolokia, and jalapenos in my garden this year. If you look on the labels of a lot of hot sauces they use some sort of thickener. A lot of them use Xanthan Gum or Corn Startch to get their consistency. You ever use tomatoes?
Hot sauce is my favorite food, next to salsa. What well known brands would you say are comparable to the taste, and also texture, of your sauce? I honestly don't know of any. Not to say that there aren't, but I think that is one of the reasons I like mine so much. I have never eaten a lot of hot sauces before I made mine, and a lot of the ones I have tried since are not similar at all. When I thought of mine, I asked myself, "What would I like in a hot sauce?" I just threw a bunch of stuff I liked together and it turned out alright.
Follow up: what are the most popular foods you have heard your sauce being used on? A lot of people message me about their soup or rice.
Can I still order some? If you would like to pre order from the next batch you can go to FYMKICKSTARTER.COM
How hot (pun intended) do you intend for your company to be? Will you put out advertising campaigns or be happy with any amount of people who buy your product? I am going to see what happens immediately after the kickstarter sauces go out. I would like to carry momentum to gain shelf space in several stores, but you have to buy space and that gets spendy. I am not sure what I am going to have to do to advertise, I mostly plan on getting into retail and seeing how it goes.
Are you going to sell direct to consumer online? If so, will you accept Bitcoin? My website does in fact accept bitcoin.
When are you going to have the ghost pepper sauce in stock? Hopefully July.
I put in my info for a sample, but never received one. Can I still get a sample? Where can I buy a bottle? Pm me your details and I will see if I can track it down.
Are you for or against sauce neutrality? I am pro sauce acidity. Without it there would be spoilage of all the spicy things!
Your kickstarter states that if you raise $55,555, you'll give all backers $35... You currently have almost 3k backers, which would be $105,000... So naturally, my question is... WTF? : ) Added a word. all backers OF $35 and up now if that makes it more clear.
If that's all that was missing, it seems obvious now heh... But still, I'm glad it's clearer for your sake ; ) And gratzies on the 10x pledges. I em gud at englissh.
Why pick this when there is a really crowded market out there? How is this sauce different? How do I get a free sample? I like it, I think it is different than what is out there. If you see me in person I have samples on me, if not then I have to ask you to pay for shipping.
Thanks for the ama! As someone looking to get into the food production business do you have any advice on buying equipment for a start up? How did you afford it? How did you find all your production units and batch colums ? I rent/borrow. Look up commercial kitchens in your area, they are super handy.
What was your initial reaction when sales began to come in? Also, I tried some of that sauce, it's pretty damn good and I'll probably buy more. "I AM GOING TO BE THE KING OF HOT SAUCE!"
I'm gonna buy another just because you replied to me. I won't stop you.
Do you ship to Norway? I really want to try FYM! Sure do!
What makes your hot sauce different from others and what is it best with? Also where would I be able to get my hands on some right now...I luv hot sauce? Also good luck with everything working out for ya. You can only do that at my kickstarter right now. It is made with 5 great peppers and has a distinct taste.
How did you begin production? Like find a facility and source ingredients? I think that's one of the hardest parts of starting a business because I have no idea how I'd even get started. Lots of research. I called a million places that didn't know what I wanted until someone could refer me to places that did.
When you were trying to perfect your sauce, did you ever come across ones that tasted awful? How long did it take to perfect this sauce? I finalized my sauce recipe on my 5th batch of it. There are some not so great sauces I have tried.
Have you ever messed around with buffalo wing sauce? Huge market for it now, and judging by the sample I got, you would do it very well. Also, is some of your kickstarter to pay for the insane amount of S&H for the samples? I felt bad so I bought a bottle. Well I hope that I did the math right and after the kickstarter is said and done I will break even. I have not messed with buffalo yet, I am trying to bring this 1 product to market first.
How does the challenge of manufacturing mayo differ from hot sauce? More or less difficult? Different process. Mayo is pasteurized and uses different equipment.
Did you go through a co-packer to fulfill your initial order? Did they help you get USDA approval? 1.) I made my first stuff. My co-packer is making everything else and they do all the USDA stuff for me since it is made in their facility.
Whenever I have a lot of spicy food my anus feels like it's on fire the next day. Do you know this feel? How many times has your rectum bled while pooping? My friend says my market version doesn't do that to him anymore, just my personal version.
How do you currently source your peppers? Do you currently grow your own peppers? I buy them from farms.
What are the ingredients exactly? Generally any food product will list the ingredients and nutrition facts on the back of their bottle and on its online store but I can't find that information anywhere on your website. I have the ingredients on the label. Until my kickstarter is over I am not legally obliged to pay for nutrition facts because they are expensive.
That being said, I have sent mine off to get FDA approval and I am just waiting to hear back from them with the specifics so I can update my label.
I use 5 kinds of hot peppers, onion, garlic, lemon, lime, carrot, vinegar, I think that is about it.
How many Scoville units is FYM? Not sure yet.
What kind of peppers do you use? Habanero, jalapeno, serrano, thai, and red chili.
I have a bottle of your sauce in my pantry right now, and it's about to end it's life. It's absolutely delicious, you did an amazing job. I have recommended it to all of my friends who can stand the heat. How did you come up with the name? Glad you like it. When I first made it, it was way to hot for me and fried my mouth, so that kinda stuck.
I buy this hot sauce from Panama, it comes in a glass bottle with nothing on it and is the best sauce I've ever had. Is there a way to reverse engineer the sauce so I can make it myself? Lots of trial and error. The ingredients should be listed, I could probably approximate it if I tried it.
Backup for Sriracha? If you want it to be, it is a replacement for most people that have tried it.
How do you do the bottling? I have someone do that for me know. They already have the equipment.
This might sound stupid, but how much time can you store these bottles? I'm from Europe so I'm not going to pay for the huge shipping every time, so I'd rather get 3 bottles or more at once, but I'm not sure how much time it takes for these to go off. A couple years.
How do you plan on distinguishing your product from the hundreds of hot sauces on the market? I think the nice bottle with the ceramic stopper is a good start, by the way. I am trying to get it into as many peoples hands as possible. I think the taste speaks for itself.
Have you considered creating any Scotch Bonnet pepper hot sauce? It's my favorite kind and I would love to support a redditor's business. I am growing them this year, they will be in my personal collection and maybe in a sauce one day.
Do you prefer a raring hot hot sauce or more of a sweet and tangy hot sauce? I like complimentary flavor. It depends on my food.
How did you develop it from a scratch? I am from Asia and I want to start my own Thai chili sauce. Who do you look for to develop your product? I just thought what I would want it to taste like and threw it together. I looked for a bottling plant to produce it.
Mmmm hot sauce - will you ship to the UK? :) I will if I have stock left.
Would happen to know if any of your hot-sauce is kosher? And if not, would you ever consider making a kosher variant? What do you have to do to make a sauce Kosher?
Where is the sauce made? Portland, OR.
What kind of pH meter are you using? Hanna Instruments.
In reading your previous responses to people, have you looked into OSU's Food Innovation Center to see what type of help you can get from them? You can also try one of the extension offices for help with poultry (and probably other animals) education. I actually met with them a couple weeks ago, and I was too far along for them to offer any suggestions. If I expand to different products they will get a call though.
Can you explain the flavor to Mmeand the best type of food your hot sauce goes with? I got a fridge st work with 10+ bottles, each serve there own purpose. Example: siracha is great, but I'd never put it on Mexican or Italian food. I mix mine with just about every type of food. I have to water it down for the amount I use with meatloaf though.
Dangit, I'd really love to sample it, but I live in Finland. Any ideas this early about international availability? You can order off of my kickstarter now, or in July off the website when I have more stock.
I backed you! Can't wait. Where do I find this eBook? I love new recipes. I am writing it now, I will send it out to you guys as soon as I get the list of backers.
Will you be shipping your products to europe? For some reason europeans don't have any hot sauces :( If you pay for shipping I will right now. Otherwise you will have to wait for a bit.
Do you wear American flag ties everyday and do you have a world record (though questionable) Donkey Kong score? I do not own an american tie flag and I am bad at donkey kong :(
Will you be selling in Florida? I would like to. I get a lot of orders from there.
Hey there I'm part of the show Shark Tank would you like to do a cameo to see if you are right for the show? I will be sending in an application.
How is your buffalo sauce? Nonexistant for the moment.
Would you consider making a habanero ketchup or something of that matter? I'd kill for a spicy ketchup. I don't see why not?
Will you be accepting bitcoin and other altcoins? I do accept bitcoin.
Will your hot sauce be bigger, better, badder, and faster than Tapatio? All of the above.
Do you have any hot sauce in organic candle form? Negative.
Dammit OP! It is in the middle of the night here, and now I'm hungry! Sorry about that. Time for the mid night snack!
I just wanted to say I absolutely loved the sample I received. I have tried so many hot sauces, my bf is always buying them and he loves the super hot stuff that I am not a big fan of and this is the first time I absolutely loved a hot sauce! Glad to hear it!
Will you please make a sweet and sour sauce that doesn't suck please and thank you. I will see what I can do.
I've always been curious how a small company like yours finds somewhere to produce their product in bulk, and with the same quality. I made a lot of phone calls. I also have to produce a good amount at a time. My product doesn't change flavor depending on the batch size, so it is pretty easy to mass produce. I am also going to be overseeing the production and making sure the quality stays awesome. I was actually surprised though when I found my producer that he uses the same process I do, but instead of 5 gallon kettles they have a 50 gallon kettle. And instead of a vitamix they have huge blenders.
I ordered you hot sauce on kickstarter and i seriously can't wait to try it. Thanks for the support, I can't wait for you to try it!
I got your sample in the mail as well. Bravo and congrats on a great product! Thanks, I will be coming down to Texas for some hot sauce competitions this summer!
Let me know if you come to Dallas, I owe ya a beer! You better watch out or I will take you up on that.
I don't think they are related Makes more sense. Looks like I just missed it.
I would definitely check out selling in the Bible belt, us southerners will give our right nuts for a good hot sauce. I am going down there this summer!
The perfect time! Hot sauce and 102 degree weather with 70‰ humidity actually pair nicely with each other. You can't tell the hot sauce is making you sweat on account of the sweat already being sweat out.
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