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[Offer] Fully Custom Website + 1 Year Hosting & .com Domain + SSL [$100]

I will create you a fully custom website based on any examples you will give me. We are not talking about wordpress or squarespace or wix or whatever, I will create your site from scratch using pure html and css (js if needed). It will work great for any purpose, either if you own a business, sell things, want a portfolio or any other type of website. Forget about copy-paste websites based on the same template over and over again, stand out from the crowd with something unique.
Included in price:
Sold seperately:
  • Every additional page on the site +$10;
  • Script integration (Anything except ecommerce stuff, too tacky, go to shopify);
  • Email integration (Let people contact you by email from site) +$10;
  • Chat integration (Chat with visitors live) +$20;
  • Custom Graphical element (Logos, Photoshopped images, vectors...) +$10;
  • SEO (Make your website discoverable on google, bing or yahoo.);
  • Gallery (A dedicated page to dump ton of photos or videos); +$10;
  • AD integration (To milk money from users on your site);
  • Adding music or visual effects (Very 00s, but I won't judge); +$10;
Everyone likes moving pictures
Recent projects for clients, (work in progress):
  • Q: Why shouldn't I go for a wordpress site?
  • A: You won't have to learn to use complicated control panel, pay any monthly fees, pay to get extra features and won't be limited to wordpress features or the platform itself.

  • Q: Then why is everyone using wordpress?
  • A: Making basic wordpress sites is easy and people do buy them. Also it's convenient if you plan on updating your content very often or need a ton of plugins that are only available on wordpress. (& Many other pros and cons, you decide.)

  • Q: How long will it take?
  • A: Depending on the size of the project 1 - 5 days.

  • Q: How do I pay?
  • A: PayPal, Bitcoin, CashApp, Skrill, Kidneys, anything really.

  • Q: When do i pay?
  • A: 20% before, 80% after.
Send me a PM for a free and fast quote, just tell me what you have in mind!
  • (If you know what you want please be as specific as possible, it will reduce delivery time)
  • Let me know if you need something highly custom, like you want a site to stream your cats 24/7 or you want a site that collects IP's or maybe something accessibility oriented with spoken content of the site...
  • I can also bring your old company site or portfolio to 21st century.
  • Bonus: Cheap landing pages! Need a one page site with few lines of text, a photo and a link or a button to share on social media and such? ~$30;
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Tutorial: How to receive Bitcoin donations on your Street Art works. This tutorial explains in 3 steps how to receive Bitcoin donations on your street art works:

Tutorial: How to receive Bitcoin donations on your Street Art works. This tutorial explains in 3 steps how to receive Bitcoin donations on your street art works:

Step 1 — Creating a Bitcoin Portfolio
First, it is necessary to create your wallet , which will generate your reception address (the equivalent of a bank account that belongs to you).
Thanks to this receiving address, you will be able to receive transactions in your wallet.
The Coinomiwallet is one of the easiest to use , available on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux.
You are free to use any other wallet: Samurai Wallet , Spot , Electrum … Make sure that the wallet you choose is recognized and trusted because hacks , phishing and scams are commonplace in the world cryptocurrencies.
Download the application .

Once installed, click on “Create new wallet”.

The wallet will generate you your recovery phrase (or “Seed”, which is the private key of your wallet) which is most often a suite of 24 words.

Write down your recovery phrase by hand on a sheet of paper and keep it in a safe place (be careful to keep it private, anyone who owns this sentence becomes the owner of your funds).

Confirm to the wallet that you have correctly noted the recovery phrase and choose a password .
2nd step — Create your QR code visual
From your wallet, you need to generate your QR code of the receiving address .
Go to “Bitcoin BTC” in the wallet.

Click “Receive” (if indicated, choose a reception address “Compatibility” rather than “Default” or “Legacy”).

Bitcoin receive address example1F4bwjr74bmcXwRu53Jh27JRRCWHHd4yrz
You can now retrieve the QR code with a screenshot and save the receiving address .
To put this QR code on your works, there are 2 methods; a very simple and accessible to all (printing on paper and collage) and the second is a little more complicated (cutting stencil) but more durable:
  • The easiest way is to print the QR code on paper with the mention “Bitcoin donations” at the top and your Bitcoin receipt address at the bottom and paste it into your work.

Download this template and add your QR code and receiving address (as above). Check that the address shown corresponds to the QR code by scanning it with a smartphone.
Optional: It is recommended to add your website (or social networks) to allow people to validate that this is your Bitcoin address (and not that of a person posing as you). Of course, this same Bitcoin receiving address must appear on the front page of your site (and in your social networks profile) to allow donors to verify that the funds will be received by you.
Once the sheet is printed, you can paste it on your next street artwork. Prefer flat and smooth surfaces for better adhesion of the poster. We must make sure that it fits in with the signature of the work so that we understand that the gifts are for you.

- The second method is to create a QR code stencil and use a spray bomb to put it in your work.
There are 2 possible cutting techniques: A manual technique that requires some basic DIY. The second technique is to prepare the visual Photoshop and Illustator then to call a provider who will cut the stencil for you.
1st technique — Manual: To make yourself the stencil, you will need a rigid sheet, a cutting support, a cutting scalpel, Masking Tape, a black felt pen, a clamp and a thin square grid.
To make the QR code stencil by hand, see this tutorial .

Once the stencil of QR code is made, make a stencil with the mention “Donate Bitcoin” and add it to the first stencil to understand that this is your Bitcoin reception address. You can write it yourself or use this template (below) that you can print and overlay your rigid sheet.

Once your stencil is ready (“Donate Bitcoin” + QR code), you can put it on your next work with a black paint spray. Prefer flat, smooth and clear surfaces for a better readability of the QR code. We must make sure that the stencil is integrated into the signature of the work to understand that the gifts are for you.
2nd technique — Stencil cutting by a provider: To create a QR code stencil, it is imperative that all the background of the visual is connected to allow cutting of the stencil, for this, it is necessary to go to a site that generates QR compatible stencil code like qrcode-zebra.com

Once on the site, choose the “Text” tab and paste your Bitcoin receipt address and click on “Generate QR code”. Your QR code will appear, but the design will not be the right one. There are a few changes to make. In the “Choose patterns” tab on the left, click on the first pattern (which looks like a square grid), then in “Choose eyes”, click on the first box (the basic square “eyes”). Then, in “Set colors”, choose the color black.
Optional: if you wish to add your logo or signature, you can add it in “Add logo”. The file should be as simple as possible, in black with transparent background that connects (compatible with a stencil cut).
Now that the QR code is ready, you can retrieve it with a screenshot or click on “Dowload PNG” and give your email address to receive the QR code as a PNG file.
Then, on Photoshop, it is necessary to couple the grid of your QR code with this model so that the mention “Donations in Bitcoin” and the 3 “Eyes” square of the QR are compatible for a stencil cut. Use overlapping layers and erase old “eyes”.

Finally, download this special stencil typography and use it to enter your Bitcoin receipt address used on your QR code. Check that the address shown corresponds to the QR code by scanning it with a smartphone.
It is strongly recommended to also add your website (or social networks) to allow people to validate that this is your Bitcoin address (and not that of a person posing as you). Of course, this same Bitcoin receiving address must appear on the front page of your site (and in your social networks profile) to allow donors to verify that the funds will be received by you.
Once the visual is ready and fully compatible for stencil cutting, you can vectorize it in Illustrator and save it in EPS or AI format.
Last step, send this file to a provider who makes stencil cutting.
It’s up to you to choose the provider that best suits your location, price and time. Choose a format that suits your job. For large frescoes, larger formats (A2) are preferable, and for smaller works, smaller sizes (A4).

Once you receive the stencil, you can affix it to your next work with a black paint spray. Prefer flat, smooth and clear surfaces for a better readability of the QR code. We must make sure that it fits in with the signature of the work so that we understand that the gifts are for you.

3 — Last step, communicate.
Let all those who follow your work know that they can now support you financially by sending you Bitcoin donations on your Street Art works. You can use the means you have available, your contacts, your website, your social networks …
To help beginners, here is a tutorial that explains how to buy Bitcoin.
To track the transactions you receive, you can open your wallet regularly to see your balance.
To receive a notification when you receive a donation, you can use your Wallet to track transactions at an address of your choice.
The public can also see your balance received on your address thanks to blockchain explorers.
Here is the balance of a donation address: 3Pboy9ucGEdQUHNu2rrC6RGq4jouRc4Grb
If you receive a lot of donations, it is a good opportunity to communicate on the amount received.
Good luck and good creation!
Why use Bitcoin?
The money you receive is 100% in your possession because you are the sole owner of your private key (recovery phrase, or “Seed”), unlike other centralized means of payment (Banks, Paypal, Ulule, Patreon. ..), Bitcoin happens totally of intermediary of confidence.
How do I use Bitcoin?
Thanks to your wallet you create a private key and a public address. The private key (recovery phrase, or “Seed”) is a bit like the key to your digital vault that you need to keep only for yourself. The public address is your RIB to receive transactions, you can share it publicly without problem.
How do I exchange my bitcoins for USD?
You can at any time send your bitcoins on an exchange online ( Coinbase …) to convert them into currency (Euro, Dollar …). You need to create an account on one of these exchange exchanges, convert your funds into the desired currency and then make a transfer to your bank account.
A faster solution may be to use a centralized service provider that offers a Bitcoin wallet connected to a credit card to spend your bitcoins directly ( Wirex , Coinbase …).
This article is not sponsored by the portfolios and companies mentioned.
You can tip me here !

Btc adress :1F4bwjr74bmcXwRu53Jh27JRRCWHHd4yrz
Have a nice day and many donations ;)
From ; https://medium.com/@freetokencryptobounty/tutorial-how-to-receive-bitcoin-donations-on-your-street-art-works-22e05dd06889
Thanks to https://www.pboy-art.com
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Memes Gear - lfwzhbekvpokfstqre - Meme Merch.

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[Task] Some very light Photoshop/GIMP editting needed.

Hi all,
The task is in twofold, and i'll try to be as clear as possible.
Objective: Need to create Basic T-shirt designs of Cryptocurrencies. This will be uploaded on a platform called Amazon Merch.
Payment: Negotiable, Please PM me, but bear in mind this is quite basic.
What do i need?
1.) I need you to download the following, as these are essentially the t-shirt designs i have in mind. (Logo+Name of Crypto.)
2.) I need you to edit these, so the designs is effectively Logo only.
Ethereum sample
There are strict editting rules with Amazon Merch, and they've kindly added a template here for Adobe illustrator, photoshop and Gimp. Just follow along.
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
(Bids made via comments will not be entertained.)
What do i expect?
1.) I have provided 5 designs here, and given two design thoughts- one is Logo+Name, the other is just Logo. I would expect to have 10 different designs here. (5X logo only, 5X Logo+name)
2.) the designs must be in the approved templates provided (as per above.)
3.) Payment will be done via paypal. (please PM for rates.)
Let me know if you have any questions.
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Constructive criticism on the DesignJobs subreddit from my experience using it.

About a month ago, I posted a [hire] for someone to design a simple graphic for 25 bucks. I offered this price in bitcoins since I figured it was an easy, immediate, and no cost method of transferring money. I had relatively minor needs: a single graphic that would fit a YouTube channel art template. With minor experience using photoshop I ended up making the graphic myself in about 5 minutes. A smart business person would look at my needs and think, "hey 5 minutes of work to get 25 bucks seems great!"
Instead, this is the response I got.
There are two main criticisms I have for this subreddit and to the people who do business here as graphic designers.
  1. Assess a clients needs and discern if the offered price is worth your time. One response to my ad was, "Our prices range from 200-400" - This mindset is flawed. Any business person would look at the needs of the client and assess the time commitment required: "would this take me 5 minutes or 5 days? How much am I looking to make for my time?" If you already have an amount in mind before even assessing the work required, then you are inherently biased towards more difficult and time consuming jobs and therefore are going to work harder for less money. If you see a project that is small but pays decent, then you could actually get more small projects done in the time it takes to do larger projects (or do them simultaneously) and profit.
  2. Consider alternative payment modalities or set a subreddit standard of Paypal/Google Wallet/whatever. I will admit that for whatever reason, the status quo is to use paypal, not bitcoin (no side bar information on this exists btw). The fact is you lose money using Paypal (Paypal charges a fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction) or are asking your clients to spend money just to send you money, which is an insult.
  3. Improve your communication skills. The feedback on the post above shows the lack of communication skills. One guy took offense to my offer without countering or suggesting anything differently, stating simply, "Pay to play, bro." Consider the alternative message I got in my inbox the same day:
I am a graphic designer and my main focus is branding. I am very interested in making you a channel art and even a logo if you are willing to pay more for it. You can view my portfolio here . Please let me know full details. Looking forward to hear from you. Kind Regards,
This was by far the best message I got from anyone. It was succinct, stated what their experience was, linked the portfolio, and offered the advice to pay more for more work. This is what's needed from more designers here.
I love the idea of a subreddit designed to get jobs out to graphic designers without going through agencies or hoopla - but I think that some improvement in the status quo is needed; whether that's via improvement in the graphic designers business attitudes, or improvements in the side bar information to clients like myself who are looking to hire someone and are not familiar enough with the subreddit to know what the status quo already is.
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[Hiring] Graphic Designer

I posted this yesterday, but I got some backlash for offering to pay in cryptocurrency and for too small of a budget. So I fixed both of the problems. Forgive me for being a noob :).
Please post your bids/portfolio for the following:
  1. Logo Design (PokerShibes.com -- a website based on playing poker with dogecoins, which are like bitcoins)
  2. Table Design -- see here
  3. Custom Avatar Design see here (48x48 pixels)
  4. Card Back Design see here
  5. Home Page Design (photoshop layout is fine)
Feel free to bid for 1 project or all 5. Our total budget is $400. Please reply or PM with your resume, a general idea of what you want to do, and your bid.
We can remit payment via Skrill, Google Wallet, or cryptocurrency. Your choice.
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[FOR HIRE] Graphic Design

Hey /Jobs4Bitcoins
I'm a designer based in the UK who's been accepting Bitcoin for around six months now. If anyone would like any design services I'm available for commissions.
I offer competitive prices with pixel-perfect results. You're welcome to three free revisions / amendments for each project. I'm a professional, not a hobbyist, and guarantee complete satisfaction. No job is too big or too small.
I offer:
I have over a decade of experience using Photoshop, with 5 & 6 years with Illustrator and Indesign (respectively).
Please check out my portfolio for samples of my work
PM or comment here if you're interested and I can give you a quote for the work.
Regards, Eddie Ion
Edit: For those interested; I also sell prints of my pixel art. These are A2, Giclée prints unless otherwise specified. They are just 0.016 BTC each and come framed. Prints are available to view on my portfolio.
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[For Hire] Web Designer/Developer: PHP MySQL WordPress, Smarty, Flash - Remote

Hi. I've been on Reddit for 3 years and running my 1 person company in Europe for 10 years. Times are slow for me now, so I'd like to get some online commissions.
Recently I made couple of websites based on WordPress (installing and modifying templates and plugins, installing and migrating WordPress), before that I was creating websites using PHP with Smarty templates, MySQL, JS. I know HTML(5), CSS(3), jQuery, I make animations and programming in Adobe Flash, graphic in Photoshop.
I can troubleshoot code, make or upgrade websites and graphic design: websites, logos, printing. I also made many different tasks like tracing bitmaps, converting any sort of data to SQL, mixing sounds and video editing.
I'm open to pretty any online work using my skills. Small jobs are welcome as well as bigger.
My rates starting from $10/hour. My English if far prom perfect, but I'm sure it's at communicative level.
Payments: PayPal or Bitcoin.
You can PM me for my portfolio and email.
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[For Hire] Graphic Designer

Hey /Jobs4Bitcoins
Bitcointalk Design Thread
I'm a designer based in the UK who's been accepting Bitcoin for around seven months now. If anyone would like any design services I'm available for commissions.
I offer competitive prices with pixel-perfect results. You're welcome to three free revisions / amendments for each project. I'm a professional, not a hobbyist, and guarantee complete satisfaction. No job is too big or too small.
I offer: - Branding and Brand identity - including logo & logotype design - Front-end website and app development, UX & UI design - Posters, publication design and other print design - Business card templates / other template design - whatever you can think of
I have over a decade of experience using Photoshop, with 5 & 6 years with Illustrator and Indesign (respectively). Please check out my portfolio for samples of my work.
PM or comment here if you're interested and I can give you a quote for the work.
Regards, Eddie :)
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10 Best 3D Logo Mockup PSD Template Free Download - YouTube 20+ Awesome 3D Logo And Text Effect PSD Mockups Free ... +4 FREE LOGO TEMPLATE PHOTOSHOP CS6 #RAVERİNDESİGN - YouTube Top 10 LOGO Template After Effects - YouTube cryptech responsive bitcoin cryptocurrency and investments ...

The Bitcoin Exchange Logo Template. A professional logo for many kinds of business. All elements are fully vector and can be used for both print and web. Text and colors are easily editable. A fully editable and resizable vector logo; 2 color variations (CMYK) 100% black version; Horizontal and vertical versions; Illustrator AI file (CS and higher) Get 416 bitcoin website templates on ThemeForest. Buy bitcoin website templates from $3. All created by our Global Community of independent Web Designers and Developers. 8. 8 Free Logo Templates & 3 Photoshop Styles Source: Photoshop Styles. You can use these logo templates whatever your company is: a restaurant, store, beauty salon, or bakery. They are not just pictures but important aesthetic elements in the design of the goods or services. You can use it for personal or commercial use. 9. 200 Minimal Logos ... Download Bitcoin logo reveal Video Templates by Artem200800. Subscribe to Envato Elements for unlimited Video Templates downloads for a single monthly fee. Subscribe and Download now! This logo is meant for bitcoin business projects, and you can customize it easily in Photoshop or Illustrator - choose what's more comfortable for you. So the formats we provide are: PSD; AI; EPS; PDF; PNG; The font is included. The logo is provided in both horizontal and vertical orientation, each is presented on light and dark background.

[index] [30078] [1993] [43544] [6060] [6071] [2226] [48803] [39118] [1547] [42571]

10 Best 3D Logo Mockup PSD Template Free Download - YouTube

Here in this video, you can get a free download link of 20+ Awesome 3D Logo And Text Effect PSD Mockups to compress files from the below button. This 3D text... If you don't know how to use photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, you can make your own logo (and so much more) using this simple yet professional designs... It's Raining Bitcoins Gaming Logo Intro Animation Template Use this link to GET A 15% DISCOUNT https://1.envato.market/YzvVe. If you don't know how to use ... How to Use PSD Logo Mockup for Beginners Photoshop CC Tutorial 1 Logo Bundle 100+ https://youtu.be/_srsfF4TGX0 NEW Premiere Mockup https://youtu.be/So_bdMo... Download Link: https://s2.dosya.tc/server10/wof7du/_4_LOGO_TEMPLATE.rar.html DEVAMI İÇİN +50 LİKE