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AMA session with PopulStay’s Founder & CEO - Dr. Walter

The Very First AMA of PopulStay Telegram Community Was Held Successfully on Nov. 30, 2018

We are very pleased to have PopulStay’s Founder & CEO Dr. Walter here to give the community an AMA(ask me anything). After the warming up- I say “Popul” you say “Stay”, the AMA begins. The host of this AMA is Hugo Mayer. Here are the questions and answers in the AMA:

The part of Dr. Walter and Hugo’s Q&A:
Q1:What kind of block chain platform is PopulStay, Dr. Walter? Asked by Hugo
A1:Hello we start with Ethereum, because it is so far most mature and decentralised blockchain platform. Answered by Dr. Walter.
Hugo: Yes, Dr. Walter, just like many other startups.
Q2: Can you introduce the founder team? What was the original purpose of creating this project?
A2: I am serial entreprenuer with extensive experience in home sharing business, our partners all have passion in renovating the existing platform. As for the original purpose of creating this project, I have hosting experience and I believe in a peer to peer home sharing world.
Hugo: Yes, I know you are the host in Airbnb for 5 years. So experienced and professional in this area.
Q3: What are the advantages of PopulStay compared with centralized platform?
A3: The benefit is saving the booking fee, and get the digital shares of the platform if people hold token.
Hugo: That sounds very good! People hate fee.😜
Senthil: Thats great, has a chance to get digital shares of the platform.
Akotovin: Pay lesser.. how about transaction? how fast is it?
Q4: Then as a tourist, what different experience will PopulStay bring us? 😁Eager to know this. I am to get my luggage packed.
A4: Imagine you can have a video call with your future host.
Hugo(sings): Hello hello baby you call I can’t hear a thing.
Q5: As a “landlord”, apart from getting more profits, what services can PopulStay bring to them?
Ák: Greatest question sir, hopefully some lease plans? 🤑😂
Akotovin: Yeah..nice Hugo ask that thing.
A5: Good questions, you can make friends with cryto believers and you can make video call with them before you meet them. You may like him/her or dislike him/her before you allow him/her to stay at your house. We allow peer to peer communication/verification before make a booking. Airbnb and all other booking platform never allow you.
Hugo: We can make friends all over the world! An innovation! Nice idea!
Q6: Members of the community would like to know about the incubation of PopulStay by block chain accelerator in Tokyo. Could you tell us more about it?
A6: Good, they help us connect the potential real estate partners, investors like Sony, Softbanks and so on. Provide us market access in japan.
Q7: And who are the partners of the project?
A7: We have blockchain partners and business partners. Blockchain parterners are those promising public chain like Jura Networks, Matrix Network and etc. Business parterners are those who can provide properties and believe in our vision
Q8: We were told that PopulStay received investment from many institutions at the end of June this year. Could you tell us something about it?
A8: We got seed round investment from Bitmain, Qtum, crypto capital, Jove capital, Handsom capital and insight capital, enough for the next 1–2 years expense.
Q9: Thanks a lot, Dr. Walter. And the last two question: What is the planning schedule of the PopulStay project?
A9: We will recuit our genesis populstay host and guest from next month onwards, and we will open to the community to use our platform from December, from 2019 onwards, we will focus more on two sides: business development and user experience of the product.
Hugo: That sounds perfect.
Q10: And the last question: How is the progress of the project?
A10: This year is super busy, we achive a lot, from the idea to the team of 25 people, all in one heart to deliver the next home sharing platform. We are proud of what we achived.
Hugo: So promising, i am excited to hear this.
Katakuri: I want to know your personal history, such as age, education history, experience. 😱
Dr. Walter: You can check my linkedin:
The part of Free Questions:
Asked by Akotovin:
Q1: How different PopulStay to other ICO?
Answered by Dr. Walter: A great and real team behind, dedicated to deliver product no matter market price. Token not listed yet.
Added by Senthil: Thats true, project is driven by team not price.
Q2: What security features PopulStay has?
Q3: Is there any Countries excluded in KYC?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Yes, Asian like China, Singapore, Korea, Japan are excluded, there are a list.
Q4: Is there different type of cards will be given to all holders..?or same?
Asked by TT s:
What’s the advantage of your team?
Asked by Kerryglobal123:
What is advantages of IEO? Why not Ico?
Answered by Dr. Walter: We are in talk with a few top 20 exchagns in the world
Asked by Reginald Darwin:
What is the price of pps?
Asked by color Bright:
Q1: Still recruiting?
Q2: Can Indians Play?
Q3: Can private equity funds be returned?
Q4: Is there a membership mechanism?
Q5: Are all currencies the same?
Q6: Will there be any harm? Like eating wind?
Q7: Warmly speaking, is currency worth fun? Futures itself is a life-threatening thing with great uncertainty.
Q8: Is a small amount of investment OK?
Q9: Is the value of Chinese currency the same as that of foreign countries?
Asked by TT s:
Q1: Is high profit as hosting?
Q2: Can Malysia stay?
Q3: When will populstay Dapp be launched?
Answered by Dr. Walter: End of 2019.
TT s: What DAPP will be? contains all traval information? or just house info?
Asked by INNOCENT:
Hi, sir. please do you have any plans for smart locks in the automobile industry?
Asked by 夜柳:
Q1: Have you been doing anything lately?
Q2: What Do you Think of the currently bear market? Does bear market affect Populstay’s progress?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Bear market affect the whole industry I think, if the ETH drop to 0 or Bitcoin drop to 0, the blockchain industry is gone. This will never happen. In the past 9 years, the media reported 167 times of dead bitcoin, but it become stronger and stronger.
Hugo: Good project is always to win the game.
Dr. Walter: This is the same with Ehtereum, a lot people say it will goes to ZERO, but I do not think so. ETH is improving and evolving itself also. Look at the devcon conference every year.
Akotovin: Will recover the soonest.
Ák: That’s very true sir, we believe the same.
Senthil: Thats perfect answer. Whenever it goes down, it will come back much stronger✌️🏻
夜柳:I wonder what can I do here.
Dr. Walter: Let’s hug.
Q3: Are there any private or public offerings?
Q4: Is there any nationality requirement for this project?
Q5: Do you see the potential of the tourism industry?
Q6: Changes in business and technology always move forward in controversy. Will PopulStay be better than the current platform?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Good question. We are improving on below points:
  1. better booking experience
  2. more social network function
  3. lower booking fee
  4. be part of project by holding our token (aka digital shares)
Q7: Whats the reason you launched Populstay?
Answered by Dr. Walter: I believe in that when the trust issues is solved by blockchain technology, the peer to peer home sharing is coming.
Q8: Do you see the potential of the tourism industry?
Q9: You type so fast.
Answered by Dr. Walter: I was a programmer.
Q10: When will Populstay be listed on exchange?
Answered by Dr. Walter: 2019
Maggie Mei: which exchange?
Dr. Walter: Top 20.
Toxic灬Mo: Which exchange is confirmed?
Dr. Walter: still confidential. For your information, I am part of Huobi ecosystem btw.
Asked by Kartukuri:
Q1: Why do you use the platform from ethereum. while there are many platform examples of stellar etc.
Answered by Dr. Walter: It is so far proven the most secure platform.
Katakuri: Yes recently I heard there is a bug in ethereum. Which can drain tokens?
Q2: Hi, Are there future plans to make the platform itself like Tron?
Asked by Ák:
Q1: Are you’ll going to implement your own blockchain very soon?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Not at the moment, we are discussing with Tron and EOS ecosystem, no need to reinvent the wheel.
Ák: Ok, thank you sir, good luck.
Akotovin: Wow.. so transparent.. i like it..
Q2: Will this blockchain have any ukulele chord and notes based calculations or computations?
Asked by Louis:
Whats the reason you launched Populstay?
Asked by Walkingalonedad:
What is the meaning of “ populstay” and logo?
Asked by David Sun:
Q1: What do you think of this bad market?
Q2: What’s populstay purpose?
Q3: What pain points do you want to solve?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Poor booking experience, high booking fee, bad checkin experience and can not share the growth of the platform.
TT s: Why it will be cheaper? by using Blockchain technology?
Dr. Walter: By our business model design, we charge 1.5% fees, and share 1.5% fee of each booking to the community.
Q4: How are you going to allocate it?
Q5: What is the proportion of the project team?
Asked by Senthil:
Q1: I love the Logo of Populstay, looks similar to Snails. Its really represent this projects vision — A snail’s shell is like a home it carries around on its back.
Who is the man behind this idea and logo design?
Katakuri: Yes, snails run very slowly, what about the project. What about the horse logo? 😂
Hugo: Tiny but promising!
Senthil: Slow and win the race😜
Katakuri: Yeah like a fairy tale about snails and monkeys.
Ák: Someday snails will evolve into beautiful turtles…
Answered by Dr. Walter: Snail carries a home on mobile, this is how the travellers looks like, we are tiny beings, and we love to explore, and we will grow while we travel. Thanks for your comments.
Senthil: First congratz for inventing smart-locks and won several awards. I heard the product Smart-lock will be safety for Guests, where they can purchase it? Is it available with hosts?
Dr. Walter: Yes.
Senthil: So, we can expect listing in Huobi after token sale🚀🚀🚀😍😍😍
Dr. Walter: We need many people like you to contribute to our project.
Toxic灬Mo: I think I’ll keep my eye on it.
Walkingalonedad: What is the price of smart lock?
Dr. Walter: 99 USD excluding shipping fee for our telegram users.
Toxic灬Mo: A complete system, the attitude of management team is very important.
Senthil: Smart-Locks looks good and looks like it can be fixed on any kind of doors.
TT s: Can we buy smart lock in the market?
Dr. Walter: Not at the moment, we will release on Amazon on 1st Jan 2019, stay tuned.
夜柳:Looking forward to your project.
Dr. Walter: if you buy then, please inform me and say you are our community users, then we will give you discount.
夜柳:Looking forward to supporting its future projects.
TT s: How much it will be ?
Dr. Walter: 149 USD.
Senthil: Thats really cool. Many more good news coming then. MVP in next month, Smart-lock ready to purchase from Jan. Populstay gonna rock soon🚀🚀
Asked by sun jiahui:
Q1:Do you see the potential of the tourism industry?
Q2: Is there a beta version of the project?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Yes,we plan to release the MVP next month, stay tuned. Meanwhile, we are actively looking for hosts and guest, please do join us.
Raymond Roosevelt: Do you mean December?
Dr. Walter: Yes, we are at the final stage of testing, it is MVP, not perfect, but enough to show the community to collect feeback. Also please bear in mind that Airbnb has 100 engineers to develop their project, but we only have 7.
Q2: How do you see the current bear market?
Q3: Where is the project now?
Answered by Dr. Walter: We are deliver MVP next month.
Asked by Dongtamduytan:
Q1: Blockchain is immutable, how do you resolve with people give bad rating to decrease rebutation of host?
Q2: China is the biggest market for any project, do you have plan to enter this market in future?
Q3: Do you think you can beat Airnbnb? Why Airbnb can enter China, and you can’t?
Answered by Dr. Walter: In 10 years yes.
Asked by Raymond Roosevelt:
When will Populstay be listed on exchange?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Once there are 10,000 active memebers who Join our platform, so I expect in the next 3 months? Our platform means our product not the telegram group:)
Asked by Colbert Milton:
Have you invested in any projects recently?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Not yet.
Q1: Can I participate in this project?
Dr. Walter: As host, or guest or investor or ambassdor?
Q2: Are there any special requirements or restrictions?
Q3: Such as nationality? How much?
Q4: When is the public offering?
Q5: Are there any rewards for inviting more people?
Dr. Walter: Yes, token incentive
Q6: Is there a private placement?
Q7: Is PPS on the exchange?
Asked by Maggie Mei:
It will be cheaper pay by PPS than USD?
Hugo: Thanks a lot our dear CEO. Time is up.
Dr. Walter: Thank you everyone! Have a lovely day!

Thank Dr. Walter to participate in this AMA, good communicating to the community. Let us know more about PopulStay. Wish the project PopulStay success! As Dr. Walter said: In ten years, beat Airbnb! We want to see this happen as a community member! Go! PopulStay!
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