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Ides of March pick summary

My posts are not really for real day trading but for those looking for high risk and reward holdings. Ill include my new average prices that I’m in with. I am locked up and did not get to average down as much as I would have liked on a few of these. It was a rough February and I could not add more weight to these existing holdings.
Tango Mining TGV.V Avg 0.04. Swings from 0.03 to 0.045. Still holding. Going long. Like I said before things seem to becoming together for 2018. Tango seems sexy but is such a cock tease. Every month or two she gives you hope and a reason to stay. She might never put out but I enjoy her company.
Ryu Apparel RYU.V Avg 0.12. Swings from 0.25 to 0.30. This company I enjoy being invested in the most. This is an investment you can participate in. Follow them on social media. If you are shopping for athletic clothing, commit to only getting it from RYU. It's a great side effect of backing your investment. You end up with awesome clothing and you can feel good about creating awareness when wearing the brand. Help give exposer to the products. So much things going on here. When Justin Bieber and company are pumping the brand at the New York store opening this thing is going to go nuts.

Cryptoish Plays

NetCents NC.V Avg 2.20. Low volume tumble to $1.23. This stock swings heavy. Look back and see its 600% run up. This company is tightly held by their board and they did not sell off anything during that run. They are in it for the long haul. Good entry point this week. They have hired marketing teams and people and will be rolling out a loyalty program for their coin and merchant deals soon. This company I own stock and the coin NCCO. Soon I will add some bitcoin and lite coin to my NetCents wallet as well. They are a payment technology primary. Pay your way they say. This investment has took me down a path of much reading up and learning about the space they operate in. Its interesting stuff and so fresh and early with its vision.
Fintech Select Ltd FTEC.V Avg 0.40. Slow bleed to 0.16. Have to go longer. This is my oldpeoplefacebook play with bitcoin. They have done a horrible job rolling out locations. Once they do get out there and are available to the masses they should do well. Grandma is now able to go to the store and get you a birthday card with some bitcoin inside instead of a gc for itunes. They have a hard to find company website as there are companies and websites galore with that name or close to it. They are one of my biggest reds but I think they could pull it off once they get locations and go south.


Nutritional High International Inc EAT.CN 0.22 to 0.50 with a peak of 0.98 - Still holding. Going long. California Dreamin’, if this hits $2.50 I’ll do a video review of the FLi truffles from L.A. on my YouTube Channel.
Friday Night Inc. TGIF.CN Avg 0.96. Sitting at 0.72. Congratulations to anyone who picked up at the dip. Going long. If this hits $2.50 by October I’ll do a video on the AMA products from Vegas on my YouTube Channel.
Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. EAC.CN Avg 0.28. Sitting at .20. Holding. Its and odd duck and I just have 10 000 shares. See what it does over the next few years. Nothing exciting yet.
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